Vote and Win: U.S. Nationals - Viewers' Choice

The Team of Vote and Win was approached by The Arabian Horse Global Network to present the Vote and Win this year for the first time to the public audience at US Nationals in Tulsa.

After thinking about a good way how to introduce it to this event, we decided to create a new section called the "Viewers Choice".

The difference of this new section to the Vote and Win "Crowds Favorite" is that first of all the audience can participate without a formal registration - but at the same time there will be no prize money given to any of the winners.

The main idea behind this is to involve and entertain as many people as possible into the show and the fascination of the Arabian Horse!

Very important to mention is that no voters from the "viewers choice" is able to participate on any future regular "Vote and Win" Events without a complete registration.

We wish everyone good luck and hope you will enjoy it!