Goal: To motivate breeders and owners to become a part of designing the future of the Arabian horse world by sharing their vote!

Results of the votes from the audience will be shared to set a new base for discussion on how to improve the future.

Our aim from these results is to make more focused future decisions.

Register as soon as possible with your smartphone, iPad or computer as all registrations will be checked carefully for correctness of information and that will take some time. Forming a new and fair platform is our main priority! If registering during the show, we cannot guarantee that your account and access to vote on the championships will be available.

You will be informed by email & sms about the start of the voting prior to each championship. You can choose your Gold, Silver & Bronze Champion in all 8 Championships. 60 seconds before the closing of each championship, you will receive a notification. The total prize money for each championship will be split between all winners (those who voted all 3 champions correctly). All winners will be informed directly during the championship ceremony and the prize money will be paid in cash at the show. For those who vote from home, payment information available.

Step by Step:

Visit with your smartphone, tablet or computer to register.

Fill in all required information carefully and don’t forget to upload a copy of your passport or ID.

Please make sure you indicate all affiliations!

After your successful registration, please follow the instructions and information by email & sms.

***Help is available from our colleagues (Vote & Win) during the show. They can check your information with your passport and approve and unlock your account immediately.***

We wish you a great time and good luck! We are convinced that we will achieve a positive outcome with Vote & Win and your participation!